Sewell Direct Luminid Touch

I have reviewed a lot of different chargers, but this one is definitely unique and nothing like I have used before. This one has a built in capacitive touch light to help users find their plug in their phone in the dark. And if you are like me you can all relate to this problem and I think I can testify for everyone when I say you have had to try multiple times to plug your charging cord in your phone at night. Well this cord definitely comes in handy to fix just that!

I have been using this Sewell charging cord for about a good week now. Every time I go to charge my iPhone 6s I have yet to have a problem. No errors pop up and my phone charges just fine. This is because this cord is MFI certified. What this means is “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad” . This is a licensing program that is given to developers of hardware and software peripherals that work with various Apple products. So if you are going to buy a charging cord for you apple product make sure it is MFI certified or you will be having problems with it down the road!

Like I always say in all of my videos and reviews, I prefer a charging cord that has nylon or Teflon cords. The reason I always say this is because it will drastically decrease the chances of your charging cord breaking over time. This one is not made of either of those materials; instead it uses a durable PVC jacket that is supposed to give strain relief. As on now I have had no problems with this, but I do expect it over time to have wear-and-tear.

Now the function you have been waiting for… The Direct Luminid Touch that this cable provides. I have to admit this light has come in handy every time I go to plug in my phone when it is dark. Simply touching the end of the cord will turn on 2 bright lights on each corner of the plug. We have yet to try anything like this and it has definitely become a necessity for us. The light is bright enough so you can see what you’re doing and you don’t have to put of the tip to make the light go on. You can softly touch the ends and it will turn the light on.

I can honestly say I really enjoyed this Sewell charging cord. Having the light at the tip is a huge help when it is dark and hard to see. I think that the only thing I would like to see out of this cord is it being made with Teflon or nylon instead of a PVC plastic. This way I know that the cord will last me a long time and I won’t have to worry about much wear-and-tear over time.

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