SIMPLcase iPhone Case

If you’re like me you hate having to carry two phones for work, not only does it get in the way but it’s just a hassle to carry around two phones. Even having one phone and having to carry 2 SIM cards around isn’t ideal. The sleek first of its kind if finally arrived to fix the problem. SIMPLcase is the ultra-slim iPhone case able to store 3 extra SIM cards, easily switch between SIMs and keep using the same iPhone with no hassle!

The SIMPLcase doesn’t stop with the 3 SIM card hold, it also hold s a SIM tray eject tool and your able to use a credit card on the outside of the case as a hands free iPhone stand. The case is made for easy switching between the SIM cards, no more switching out SIM cards.

Case design

The case is thin and light but the strong plastic is shelled with a high impact resistant polycarbonate. The SIM card and eject tool insert is made from a light silicone rubber. The case goes beyond the iPhone display making it safe for the phone to be laid on the screen without scratching it. The buttons and speakers are not blocked and are completely accessible, and the  SIMPLcase can be used with screen protectors.

SIMPLcase comes in the following colors:

  • Jet Black (with Turquoise insert)
  • Cloud White (with Turquoise insert)
  • Tungsten Grey (with Vibrant Orange insert)

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours of order placement. Get your SIMPLcase HERE

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