Simplify Your Life With The Wocket Smart Wallet

Nowadays everything is becoming smart. Our phones can control our lights in our house, our thermostat, our security camera; our phones can even control the locks on our house. Everything is going digital to make our life’s simpler, and that is exactly what NXT-ID did with the Wocket.

The Wocket is the all new revolutionary way you spend money The Wocket is a smart wallet that has the ability to store all of your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty and rewards cards, and just about every other card you can think of. This compact wallet is made to make your life simpler with the click of a button. This is the first and only stand along smart wallet on the market today. The Wocket is meant to replace your entire wallet with a dingle card and interchangeable accessories to carry cash and other essentials. This single card gives you’re the ability to download all of your cards and allows you to swipe anywhere and the Wocket automatically transmits ant card you choose.

Setting Up The Wocket Wallet

Setting up the Wocket is also extremely easy. First thing you want to do is make sure your Wocket is fully charged. Once it is fully charged you won’t have to charge it again for an entire year! Adding your cards to the Wocket is as simple as swiping your card. In the box, your Wocket comes with a card reader. You plug this into your Wocket and you just have to swipe each card you want to add. The process is simple and easy.


Now I know what you’re thinking, this little piece of technology is going to hold all of my credit cards. What happens if someone steals it or if I lose it? All of the data you impute onto the Wocket is stored on a tamper-resistant chip that is inside the Wocket. What makes this device so unique is it doesn’t use the cloud or wireless connectivity so you never have to worry about hackers stealing your information. Access to this smart wallet is performed by voice, pin, or pattern. The Wocket’s dynamic magnetic stripe zeroes out immediately after every use, so even if someone did steal it, it would become useless.


The Wocket is also personalized to you. Upon purchase, you will give the name you want to be laser etched onto the Credit card. The card also has a smart swipe technology and a physical signature slip on the back. The Wocket its self gives you the ability to hold an extra credit card, made with stitched leather and more options will be coming out early next year.

Get rid of your ugly bulky wallet and upgrade. The Wocket doesn’t just hold your collection of credit cards. You can store loyalty cards, gift cards, identification, debit cards, coupons, medical cards, and insurance information. Users will have that peace of mind, knowing their information is more secure with Wocket than in their physical wallet or on their smartphone.

More options you can do with the Wocket:

  • Categorize all your cards
  • E-Paper LCD for scanning bar codes
  • Securely store all passwords
  • Unlocks with your pin or voice match
  • Your cards & data encrypted & secure
  • Rechargeable yearlong battery
  • Biometrically matched to you

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Wocket is a life saver! It’s incredibly simple to setup. And the security the Wocket offers gives you a sense of relief. You never have to worry about someone stealing your information from the cloud, and if someone steals you card then they will never be able to use it. Last, the Wocket is a great way to carry around less in a stylish way! We would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to smarten up their spending life! Check out the Wocket Smart Wallet Here!

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