Skiva PowerFlow Quadfire

We have tons of devise ranging from iPads, iPhones, computers and a various of other devise in my house. The one thing that comes up the most is there’s nowhere to charge them all when they all die at once! Of course every outlet in the room already is in use and now you just have a dilemma. But finally my problems are solved. This device will allow me to charge up to 4 of my devices at one time and only taking one outlet out. This device works great, I charge up to 4 of my devices at the same time and never have to worry about scrambling around to find another outlet to charge my phone!

Besides the device working great it also has a great look to it as well. It seriously compact, if you want a great charging devices that doesn’t take up a lot of room this is the one for you! The shiny black design also sets it off, and makes it low key so it doesn’t stand out to much. You plug your device in and a red light will glow indicating it is charging. The device is built with quality and works great, we would definitely recommend this and give it a 5 star rating!


  • Powerflow Quadfire Four Port USB charger charges your iPhone, iPad, HTC phones, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Phone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Blackberry, MP3 players, Digital Camera, and other USB devices
  • Highest Power rating at 48W / 9.6 Amps output at 5V. At least twice the power of any other four port charger available in market. Resulting in fast charging of your devices.
  • Intelligent overheat, overcharging and over-current protection built-in. AC 100-240V input voltage ideal for international travel.
  • Only charger that can charge four iPad Airs/tablets simultaneously at fastest speed.
  • Compact Design (4.72 x 1.38 x 2.36 in) which makes it easy to carry on travel. It comes with 1 Year Warranty.

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