SmartSpeed Aircraft Aluminum Phone Case

If you read any of my post about phones then you know right away I’m a freak when it comes to protecting my phone. Smartphones are already so overpriced as it is, so when I get one the first thing I do is get a glass screen protector and a quality case.

SmartSpeed iPhone Case

SmartSpeed makes a few different iPhone 6 cases’ that are all aluminum. After I saw this I thought that if the case is made of aluminum then it has to be able to protect my case against anything! When I finally got the case it has the aluminum body like it said, then it was also surrounded with a metal security shell with a built in shockproof gorilla glass that is dust proof and water resistant (Limited waterproof).

Obviously just from the description you can assume that this case is a tank! And that’s pretty much exactly what this case is! Even though I always want to have the best protecting case I can find, I gave this one to Erin because she has a tendency to drop her phone about every 5 seconds (she claims she has a wide base). So if her phone can survive this case then I have full confidence this is the case you need for full protection.

After about a week of using the case and multiple drops later, her phone was completely fine without a single scratch. If you drop this case it will hit the aircraft aluminum or the metal sides. So you will never hurt your phone unless you decided to crush it with your car (which makes an interesting point for a video).

Because the case is completely enclosed with 2 pieces and screwed into each other, it makes for an air tight pocket that can be waterproof, to a point. You can get water splash on this and possibly a quick dip in water and the phone will be okay, but it is NOT completely waterproof. So don’t go dunking your phone in water!

Final Thoughts

Overall, this SmartSpeed case is literally a beast, and by far one of the most intense cases I have reviewed thus far. Air craft aluminum, metal edges and surrounding shell, with gorilla glass is pretty much a recipe for protection. It protects every inch of the phone and offers a ton of protection. And on top of it the case looks sexy!

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