SoundBot SB360 Bluetooth 4.0 Car Kit

Do you have an older car that doesn’t have Bluetooth? Then this is going to be the perfect product for you! The SoundBot SB360 Bluetooth 4.0 car kit gives you the ability to drive hands free by giving you wireless talking & music streaming. If your car has an Aux port then you are able to turn your car Bluetooth enabled!


Setting this up is extremely simple. If you can operate your smart phone then you can hook this up! All you have to so is plug in the Aux and plug in the cigarette liter and you’re almost done. All you have to do then is go in your phone and pair the Bluetooth. After paring your phone once it will always auto connect whenever you get back into your car. If listening to music and a call come, the music will automatically pause in order for you to answer the call.


  • Universal Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology with backward compatibility & A2DP profile for Smartpohne, Android, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Tablets, other media players, and more!
  • Features echo and noise reduction technology for continuous non-stop crystal clear call conversation & music streaming wirelessly. No batteries required!
  • Comes with a FREE 10 watt dual port 2.1A cigarette lighter power adapter with 2 USB charging ports, built-in mic and 3.5mm AUX cable. Stand ready to charge additional devices at the same time.
  • On board dedicated call, previous, and next buttons for intuitive control command with easy access & simple operation.
  • SoundBot wearable clip mount for flexible mobilization and optimal call quality placement – even for the passenger.

Final Thoughts

This was by far the best Bluetooth car hookup I have yet to try! It was so simple setting it up and I haven’t had a single problem. Enjoy having your hands free phone and even listening to your music. This will be the best and cheapest Bluetooth hookup you’ll find on the market! We give this product a solid 5 stars!

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