SpeakStick Waterproof Shower Speaker Review

It is made with high-end, quality, and durable materials that will stand the test of time. Comes with all independent certifications and great client reviews, you’ll get the most out of the speaker’s features and benefits at a very competitive price.  Great as a gift to your love ones just watch them enjoy the fun and engagement.

Signing in the shower is  a must, but to do so you have to have to have a speaker that fits the part. The SpeakStick is a Bluetooth Shower Speaker that is both waterproof & wireless. The SpeakStick had some good features, but overall as a speaker it just wasn’t what I would want for my shower.

SpeakStick Features

This speaker is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that allows you to have talk hands free capabilities and connect to all Bluetooth devices. The back of the speaker has a suction cup so it can stick to the shower door or the wall of the shower.

Although this is a waterproof speaker and they do say it’s for the shower, you can obviously use it where ever you want. You have the controls on the speaker itself to change music, volume, take calls, and pause songs. So you don’t always have to be using your phone.

What is also nice is this comes in a lot of difference colors: green, black, pink, blue, and white. So you can get the one that suits your needs the most.

What I do like about it is it gets super loud, but there is one negative about this which I will talk about below.

SpeakStick Negatives

Although there are a few good things about this speaker, overall it’s not something that I would recommend you buy if you want a high quality speaker for you shower. They do market this speaker as high quality and high end, I would have to disagree. What I noticed about the sound was it gets really muffled the louder it gets. I also tried this in and out of the bathroom to make sure the echo wasn’t what was affecting it.

I also don’t like the price. They say they sell them for $44.95 but they are on sale for $24.95 Sorry but I would never pay that much for the speaker… Even at the sale price. I don’t think the sound is worth that, even if it does have nice features that lets you control everything from on the speaker itself.

Last, the battery on this speaker is terrible. No were on the packaging or on the site that I can find says what the battery size is, but I tested this for a week and I found that I had to recharge this speaker twice to be able to use it. The site claims that it will last 6 hours, but nothing tells me the actual size of the battery which was frustrating.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this speaker had a few nice features such as, being able to control everything on the speaker, being able to have a color selection, and having a lifetime warranty. But because of the sound quality, this isn’t something that I would recommend you should get. Unless you were on a tighter budget, but I still think it’s a little overpriced. When I got this speaker I also got a small waterproof speaker from SoundBot, and I compared the two, and this is how I came about the conclusion

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