Stop Your Bad Habits With A Shock Of Pavlok

Bad habits can ruin people lives; people are addicted to food, smoking and a whole bunch of other terrible habits. What’s hard for people is being able to break these habits and ways to do this can often times be expensive.

Pavlok is the world’s first scientifically proven *one-button wristband* that stops your brain from desiring and craving any unwanted bad habits… and it does it in less than 1 week (many times within just a few hours). Pavlok is aiming to stop bad habits and abolish those feelings of looking bad because of this toxic habit you’ve had to deal with for so long.

How It Works

Like I said, breaking a bad habit is hard. So how is it possible to break these so fast with high results?

The Pavlok Shock Clock is a small device that is worn around your wrist which uses a small electric zap. These electric zaps are distribute when you simply push the lightning button on your wristband or when you use the control on the Pavlok smartphone app

Whenever you are craving your dirty need all you have to do is press the button and give yourself a zap. By doing this you are quickly conditioning your mind to associate an “unpleasant” feeling with your bad habit…and stopping it all together.

When you open the app you can set intensity of the zap from 10%-100%. So whenever you press the button you can set how strong of a zap you will receive.  For some, it takes days. For some, a few hours – but for most, the bad habit you’ve had for years will be permanently out of your life for good.

Some of the habits that the Pavlok will be able to help are: smoking, nail biting, going to the gym, binge eating… just to name a few.

You can also use the shock clock function that can be set with our app which will help you waking up on time or staying off time. You can set the band to zap, vibrate, or ding.

These bands are a one size fits all that come in all sorts of colors. The main module (what exerts the shock) fits inside the wristband and is able to give 150+ jolts per charge. The Bluetooth chip is low energy and connects Pavlok to your smart phone.

It’s Completely Safe And Tested

While this is a product that will give you a shock, the main thing you should be concerned about is… Is it safe!?

Pavlok is 100% controlled by you… and each “little shock” is easy to administer, it’s timed, and has a pre-selected intensity that you can adjust with the app on your phone. This has been through extensive testing and has been deemed safe.

Does Pavlok Work?

I have been using the Pavlok Shock band for a solid week. While I love fitness, I always find myself eating unhealthy foods. So after I heard what this band could do I thought using it to stop myself from eating unhealthy food would be a perfect test.

My first initial use of this was that the jolt was actually pretty strong. It wasn’t painful, but it was strong enough to get the point across and stop me from wanting to eat the junk food.

After using this for a week I can honestly say that the band has helped me control the junk food intake. Every time I think I’m about to eat it I have the jolt on 100% and I hit it. I think after a week or more of using this I will completely break my bad habit.

Final Thoughts

After using this I truly think this is something that can help people with bad habits. It is something that I have yet to see on the market and it is fully tested and proven to work. If you are looking to break a bad habit then this is definitely the option you should pick! Support their campaign now!

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