SVET – The Health-Friendly Light Bulb

SVET is a new dynamic lighting company who has created all new light bulbs that can help with a series of scenarios depending on your biological rhythm to benefit your health. SVET bulbs will normalize your biological clock by automatically adjusting light during your waking hours in order to give you a sufficient portion of the morning, noon and evening light.

Why Are Normal Lights Bad For Me?

Light bulbs have been produced for years, but in many ways just the style of the light bulb or how long the light can live is the only changed that were made. This type of artificial light is something that we deal with for a vast majority of our days. Put in the best way, the lights you see on a daily basis are artificial forms of light.

Light and its properties have been under the spot light for research in the last few years. What brought awareness to this is the study of the quality and the direct effect it has on your health. Prolonged exposure to low-quality light throws off hormone secretion upsets circadian rhythm and can lead to permanent damage to eyesight, among other undesirable consequences. And yet, about 90% of the world’s population spends most of their time under flicker-heavy, low-quality artificial lighting. Knowing this, SVET saw the opportunity and new that something had to be changed.

SVET Is  A Healthier Way To Live

SVET has designed each one of their lights to effectively improve your physical and mental performance. Taking the information already found on how light affects you, SVET went into more research and development of all their lighting and how it effectively improves your health.

These lights allow you to live a much healthier life. After installing these lights in your house you will begin to notice that you will feel much more healthy because you are able to personalize the lights such as making them regulated for your biological clock. You are able to use the app for the lights to find your perfect setting, then all you have to do is use the light switch on your wall and it will be personalized for you.

Improve Your Life

These lights have six different scenarios that can help you improve you life and day-to-day-actions. Each lighting scenario and feature in SVET is designed to improve your physical and mental performance. The research and development of all SVET lighting scenarios was made in collaboration with Fraunhofer IAO. Here are the main features:

Help Fund The Campaign

These lights are made to improve your everyday life and health. But the SVET team needs your help in order to make this happen. After three years of research and develop, these bulbs have been tested and proven to work. For the next month the team will be running their Indiegogo campaign to fund the necessary money to produce these life changing lights. Take a look at their campaign and donate now!

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