Take Your Startup To A New Level With Enchant.VC

Are you a consumer hardware startup company looking for someone to help fund your amazing project? Then look no further! Enchant.VC is an all-new company who is investing in early stage consumer hardware startups, funding them up to $500,000!

What Does Enchant.VC Do?

Enchant.VC is a successful hands-on hardware accelerator company founded by partners Slava Solonitsyn and Gene Berger. The goal of EnchantVC is to help products in countries such as: Singaporean, Russian, Asian, European and American fund their startups and take their ideas to the next level to ultimately bring their products to the global marketplace.

In just a short amount of time (Launching 2 years ago), Enchant.VC has been able to fund 3 million USD on crowdfunding and several million dollars through other channels including: investments, manufacturing, distribution and retail agreements at major US chains including Best Buy and Brookstone. Some of which you might remember such as the Creopop 3D pen and the TouchJet pond interactive Pico Projector which we have reviewed in the past.

If you’re not a startup company then don’t worry, they help with the initial funding of ideas, but their highly qualified team globally works alongside the entrepreneurs and innovators through the various stages of research & development, crowd funding, manufacturing, public relations & marketing, and product launch. So they are extremely qualified to help take your startup company or your already established company and take them to new highest and break the barriers to become globally known!

Top Notch Team

Now I know what you’re thinking, what makes them so qualified to take your product and enhance it. Enchant.VC team has launched many products in their short 2 year span, cracked all stages of product life cycle and hacked the growth model. They will personally get involved with your company and product to help you define product-market fit, develop launch plan, reach out to influences, build supply chain, secure first purchase orders, and have all metrics ready for the next round of funding.

Apply Now!

If you want to take your new or established company to the next level, then reach out to the Enchant.VC team now! Their experienced team and innovation is a no brainier in helping your company break the chains and strive for greatness. Apply and see if your company qualifies now!

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