The Attachable Leather wallet and case, iBillfold2

The iPhone Credit Card Case & Attachable Leather Wallet now introduced by iBillfold2. iBillfold2 features a sturdy clip on the back that can be used to hold money, credit, or ID cards. The case is rubber made that protects the left and right sides of the phone while the back is slightly exposed with only a money clip. The case doesn’t seem like its enough protection if you dropped your phone especially because the back is almost completely exposed.

The wallet attaches when the money clip from the phone slides into a sleeve on the wallet. The other side of the wallet also has a sleeve to hold credit cards or your ID cards. When you open the wallet there are 4 more sleeves to hold more credit cards and a metal clip in the middle to hold you money.

Over all, the wallet is a great add on since you can add or remove it from the phone. The negative is the case isn’t much protection for the phone itself. I would rate this case a 4 out of 5.

Case Features

  • Ergonomic integration with iBillfold2 Credit Card Case
  • 4 interior card pockets
  • 1 interior bill clip
  • 2 exterior card pockets
  • Magnetic clasp to keep wallet securely closed

Like the iBillfold2 case? Buy it here for only $59.95

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