The Case That Will Make Your Galaxy S6 Edge Even Better

I was extremely excited to get my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. But, the one thing that I have run in to is the battery is extremely bad! Because of this I am forced to carry my power bank with me everywhere I go and that can be a pain to have it with me constantly. Thankfully, I came across the ZeroLemon 3500mAh Slim Power Battery Case for Galaxy S6 Edge. Let me tell you, this thing is a life saver! Not only does it charge my phone but it also gives you an additional 130% of charge!

One thing I usually have a problem with the charging cases is how thick they are. Luckily this case is the thinnest one I have ever seen. You keep the shape of the phone as well. The case is a 3500mAh power pack that again offers 130% more charge. The case has 4 LED lights to indicate the charging level of the phone as well.


  • World’s First Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Case with Removable Battery for External Use
  • 3500mAh battery for additional 130% charge. Slimmest Profile for great fit in your hand and pocket. Feels unobtrusive and sleek.
  • Sleek & durable TPU Case to sustain significant drops and everyday abuse
  • 4 LED Light to indicate charge level. Straight through charging to charge your phone first before the powerpack
  • Content: 3500mAh PowerPack/ TPU Black Case / Powerpack to phone U shaped charge cable/ Instruction Card / 180 days ZeroLemon Warranty

Final Thoughts:

Overall I really like the ZeroLemon batter case for the Galaxy S6 Edge. For me it was a huge plus that the case was able to offer such a big battery and still keep a slim figure. I would definitely give this case 5 stars!

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