The Tune Belt Sport Belt for iPhone 6

This version of the Tune Belt is manufactured with a much longer strap. Why? Because instead of wearing it on your arm, it’s an actual belt for your waist!

Much like the arm band, the sport belt is durable, stretchy and comfortable. It’s a simple solution to holding your device… so you don’t have to!

It has holes for speakers and a headphone jack and the case is big enough to keep your iphone case on while it’s inside the belt.

The belt will fit many sizes of people as it is adjustable to your waist!

However, I will say that as someone who used these while running, I preferred the armband far more than the belt. The arm band seemed to contain the phone and really cemented it in place on my arm while the belt felt a little like the phone could slip around which led to frustration during physical activity.

Both are good solutions for holding your iphone 6 and perhaps my preference is just a matter of personal opinion. I still recommend trying one of the Tune Belt products and let us know your personal preference: arm band or sport belt?!

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