Toast: a natural wood skin for iPad Mini

The second accessory we tried out by toast was the skin for the iPad Mini in Walnut. The skin adhered to the ipad in the same way it did for the iphone 5 (view that listing here). The pieces of the skin (front, back and sides) affix with an adhesive and fit together like a perfect wooden puzzle.

As mentioned in our previous article, we fully support this company in their efforts because they are environmentally conscious. Toast donates 1% to efforts that protect the environment. Did I mention that you can pick what you want engraved on these babies?!

The toast cases come in plain wood patterns with multiple wood types (it’s real wood by the way). The skins even come in different styles with beautiful engravings like the one above (this one will never leave our ipad mini; it’s so freaking cute).

The only negatives to expect with toast are normal wear and tear. Take care not to drop them on hard surfaces because they can scratch, crack, or break off. When you want to switch out your skin, simply peel off the exterior wood (no need to worry about sticky residue). Unfortunately, I was dissappointed that this is a one time application. Once this thing is on, it cannot be taken off and then reapplied (due to the metal back of 5th generation Apple products).

All in all, we can’t get enough of TOAST. Yummmm…. toast.

View the entire line of products at

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