Toast: An iPhone skin that puts you in touch with nature

Howdy, E-listers!

So we recently got the privilege to try out a product by Toast. This super-awesome company hails from the hip capital of the USA, Portland, Oregon. They’re an environmentally friendly company that donates 1% of profits to protecting the environment. These cases are stunning stick-ons made from real wood!

Check it:

So basically they’re these interlocking pieces that are a bit tricky to figure out at first but fit together on your phone or tablet like a puzzle of wooden wraps. They are making skins back “in” if you catch my drift. This hip wooden skin covers the front, sides, and back of the phone or tablet like so:

Through our trial sesh we (not surprisingly) dropped the phone once or twice. Herein lies the critique: When it dropped, an entire piece blew off. The wood is also given to regular wear and tear.

That being said, this would not deter us from purchasing further products from Toast. I’m super obsessed with the look of raw and hard wood on anything and everything and the skin satisfied that aesthetic look for me.

We want everyone to check out Toast and their products because we truly believe they are doing great things by supporting the environment.

They’re also sexy as hell.

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