Topdon 18000mAh Portable Power Bank

Tired of running out of battery? Then this may just be the answer to all your battery problem needs! The Topdon is an Auto Battery Jump Starter packed with a massive 18000mAh Power Bank.

One of the most annoying pet peeves is when your phone, laptop, tablet, or even worse, your car battery dies. How can you fix this? Having an external battery is one a good idea, but not just any external battery is going to cut it!

The Topdon T01 is the battery pack of all batteries! With a high capacity 18,000 mAh battery equipped to jump start a car, you can pretty much say this charger can do it all! Not only is this able to jump a car, but it is also a multi-functional battery that is top rated in its class.

What makes this charger a beast is its ability to do much more than charge your phone or jump your car. This battery also comes equipped to charge laptops and comes packed with 7 different adapters to do so. This is also able to adjust the voltage indicator for each specific laptop.

Multi-Size connectors for laptops

    • Toshiba
    • HP
    • Compaq
    • Sony
    • Asus
    • Acer
    • Lenovo
    • Samsung

More Features

  • Reverse plug protection cables
  • Car charger
  • 4 in 1 USB cable for Apple, Samsung and Android
  • Power Adapter – Input 100V – 240V

After using this external battery for about a month I can easily say this is tied for my top favorite battery, right next to the Bestek portable charger.  But because this one is a massive 18,000 mAh battery, I think it’s safe to say this is my new favorite.

I carry this in my backpack or my work bag and I never run out of power. I can charge this in the beginning of the week and it will last me more than half way through charging my phone, tablet, and laptop.

Getting straight to the point, this case is a monster. If you’re looking for a case that is able to do it all then you’ve come to the right place. It’s multi-functional and comes in handy multiple times day! I would highly recommend this!

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