TouchJet Pond Projector

TouchJet Pond Projector is one of the most successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaigns of all time. At first look the Pond looks like a typical projector, but it is so much more. The Pond is now the first ever consumer device that can turn any flat surface into an adjustable sized touchscreen. What makes this projector stand out from the rest is not the fact that it can make any flat surface into a touch screen, but that the Pond can fit in the palm of your hand. The Pond is only 9.4 ounces and 1.1 x 3.9 x 4.5-inches; the size makes this projector extremely compact and can be put into an backpack or pocket. The projectors touchscreen display allows you to interact directly with games, apps, photos, videos, and even make presentations become more interactive up to an 80-inch display.

The Pond runs on a matchless technology called the light processing unit(LPU), which is what powers the Touchjet Pond Projector. The LPU works by picks up an infrared signal which then runs through an image-processing algorithm. That process translates the location of the user’s gesture into a standard touch point signal. The Touchjet algorithm has to process thousands of points and dozens of projected frames per second in order to deliver the seamless interactive experience.

The Pond also has built in internal speakers and also has the ability to have an audio out as well as Bluetooth smarts to add more sound.

The projected image was sharp enough to play videos which could make late-night alfresco movie parties a possibility.


The internal battery will only last up to 160 minutes. Which is one of the first negatives I found with the Pond. One thing I wish you could do is plug in an external battery. This would be great for when you are not next to an outlet. But the pond does not allow for this option.

Many schools now have the Smartboard, but this is the best and cheaper option to replace those, The Pond is perfect for not only schools but to use as well as the obvious business and domestic uses the Pond has great scope in an educational environment.

The Pond also has access to hundreds of educational apps covering an array of topics from learning how to read to recognizing colors and shapes, to just playing your favorite games like fruit ninja. Touchjet gives you the ability to bring an interactive lesson plan to groups of students or in a business environment.


The Touchjet Pond is a great compact projector that can do an arrangement of things. The only negatives of this device are the small battery and the frustration of the calibration of the pen. The pen is what allows you to make the screen into a touch screen. It can be difficult at times to get the calibration to work. Other than these two things, the Pond worked great and can be an excellent learning device! If you want to check out more information on the TouchJet Pond you can see it HERE!

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