Trasense Is The Fitness Tracker That Doesn’t Deliver

Earlier last year we wrote about a new up-and-coming fitness tracker called the Trasense. Originally this fitness tracker was on Kickstarter, were almost all products start nowadays, where they were trying to raise money to release a fitness tracker that would be UNDER $30. Well right away this is going to grab your attention since there are so many fitness bands on the market today that can range any were from $100 and up.

We went ahead and purchased this band a couple weeks ago and we can honestly say this was the worst fitness tracker we have yet to try. Not only was it not tracking or inaccurately tracking our progress, but they also lied about the price of below $30. Now if you are going to release a campaign and promise something, you’re sure as better come through with that promise. In this case the fitness tracker was not under $30 yet it was listen on amazon by Trasense for $39. Now you might think to yourself, well that’s not that much more than they said It was going to be. Well yes, you’re right, BUT it has to do with what your promise your consumers. If you are not going to follow through with that then what makes us think that you will follow through with making a fitness bank that will beat out others on the market, like our all-time favorite, the Misfit.

We put the price of the device to the side and gave this fitness tracker a go. The Trasense Movement is supposed to be able to track steps, distance, calories burned, active time and sleep time statistically. So basically the same feature as most of the fitness bands on the market. Right away we put the tracker on and went to the gym, since what better way to test something that is supposed to track your movements than the gym?

On the stair master for a mile then switching over to the treadmill for 2 miles. Went ahead and looked at the stats and apparently we only took 150 steps out of that entire section of our workout. Well I don’t know about you, but if I could run 3 mines in 150 steps I would be faster than the flash! Aside from that it only said we burned 3 calories. Well if this was true then I don’t think I would make an attempt to ever workout. Last, was the sleep tracking. And I can sadly say this was an epic fail as well.

After trying this out and seeing how not even close these numbers were, we gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it a few more times. After a week of using it and 3 different individuals trying it on, we had the same problem with inaccurate numbers.

After the long hype of this device and finally getting to try it, we are utterly disappointed. We can with 100% certainly say this was the worst fitness band we have ever tested. Not only did all the tracking to work and come up with inaccurate numbers more than once, but the company also lied about how much this fitness band would cost. Overall, we would NOT recommend this to anyone looking for a quality fitness band.

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