Tune Belt: Run And Listen To Tunes, HANDS FREE!

If you do any sort of activity outdoors and like to keep your phone on hand but not in hand, the Tune Belt Sport Armband for the iPhone 6 might be a great solution for you!

This super comfy phone holder secures around your arm with a semi-stretch velcro fastening strap. The holder is even big enough that you can keep your phone in its case, yet snug enough that it won’t slide around.

It fits most arm sizes due to the adjustability. However, if your biceps are that of a bodybuilder type, it’s going to be uncomfortably tight on you.

The case allows for a headphone jack (which is ideal for running or biking or working outdoors) and has holes for the speakers as well.

When running, I definitely noticed an improvement. I used to hold my phone or put it in my hoodie pocket, but I was always annoyed by the bouncing headphone wires and switching hands or it bouncing out of my pocket. Now, with my phone firmly in place on my arm, I can concentrate on running rather than holding my device.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to listen to music and not hold their phone (it’s not just for runners)!

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