U-Stone by Lepow

Sick of your phone always dying and never having a place to charge it? Fear no more for the Lepow U-Stone is here with a 12000mAh charging capability. Yes, you read that right; the U-Stone’s integrated curved design can hold a 12,000mAh charge. Simply plug it in while you’re sleeping and 7 hours later the Lepow is ready to go.

The unique design gives it a very good grip, which I find very helpful to hold and to slide into your pocket. The flat charging cable that comes with it is not only stylish but has the convenient spot to be stored on the battery its self. Last it has 4 LED lights to indicate the amount of power left. If you shake the U-Stone it tells you how much power is left.

The U-Stone won the Reddot design award, which is given to the product with the most unique and advance design.

Guys, I’ve seriously charged it once and used it for two weeks now continuously. It’s unbelievable.


  • Massive battery
  • Long charge
  • Shake technology that can tell you  how much charge is left
  • When charging lights will blink to indicate how much battery is left
  • Slim fit goes right into your pocket
  • Charging cord coils right into the U-stone
  • The circuit prevents the battery from self-charging
  • Diverse compatibility
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging (How could you not love that?)

All in all, this is a great battery. Looks awesome and works as well and is completely worth the money. The fact that it’s very portable with the 12000mAh size is extremely attractive.

Height: 3.2 inches [8cm]

Width: 3.2 inches [8cm]

Depth: 0.3 inches [0.9cm]

Weight: 11.64 oz [0.33kg]

Like this? Buy it here for $40.00

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