Ultra-slim external charger completes a polished look

We received this product from a company called Aukey to facilitate this review. Upon opening it we couldn’t help but notice the similarity of the packaging to our favorite external chargers by Lepow (see more here). The packaging included a very similar aesthetic with a very similar grey felt case to carry the device (though it didn’t come with any of the extra goodies that Lepow did).

What differentiated the Moving Life external charger is the attention to being a green product. The charger boasts an eco-friendly lithium battery that can charge an iphone up to 4 times and over and a Samsung up to 2 times and over.

Though it did feel a bit copy-cat, I was very pleased with the battery life and overall look. The matte white finish and crisp corners is very attractive and the battery served its purpose very well. I even enjoyed the slim and flat shape as it seemed to fit better in pockets and tight spaces.

The battery shows you how much life is left with the LED lights and is simple and easy to use.

Overall great product and definitely cost effective. Check it out here. Though it pains me to say it, WATCH OUT LEPOW!

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