V-MODA Give Us Your Money And We’ll Give You Junk

Finding V-MODA Headphones

One of my good friend’s birthdays came up about a month ago and I decided to be a nice guy that I am and get him a good pair of headphones. He’s a DJ for the air so I knew that some cheap headphones just wouldn’t cut it, this being said I looked around for some different headphones that are more unique than the normal ones I have reviewed in the past.

After a while searching on the net I found a pretty cool looking pair from the company V-MODA. Personally I never heard of this company before and I’ve never seen anything of theirs online. From what I was reading I found that they had an okay rating, a few complaints here and there, but the overall consumption was they were a good pair of headphones with solid base; which was exactly what I was looking for.

Junk In A Matter Of Days

After I got the Cross fade 100’s headphones I opened them up to see how they looked and at first glance I thought that they were attractive and looked pretty cool, definitely a design and build you don’t normally see. Skipping forward; I gave him the headphones and he used them the next day on-air. Except what do I hear from him doing his 6-10am air time? “This headphones are broken”

Well of course now I’m the one looking like a fool because I think I got him some junk pair of headphones that broke in a matter of 24 hours. When he brought them back to me it was obvious that the ear part of the headphone was falling off and whenever you moved it, it sounded like plastic was breaking.

Thinking it must have just been a defective unit, we contacted the customer support to send them back and get a new pair since it wasn’t even 12 days from the time I bought them to the time they were broken out of the box.

The Failure Of Customer Service

Now this is where V-MODA just falls apart. They talk about how they have great customer service and whenever there is a problem they will respond back right away. We sent in our email explaining our problem and after 5 days passed we never heard anything back. So then we decided to Tweet and Facebook them to get their attention. After someone on social media finally got back to me they claimed that they did reach out to me, yet my customer registration number showed nothing of them getting in contact with me.

Finally they advised me to send the product back in (which I had to pay for even though they are under warranty) and they would fix them. Now first off after taking so long to even respond to me, they say they will fix the broken ones. I don’t want you to fix the broken ones, I want you to take these burn them and send me a NEW pair like I should have had in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Fast-forwarding to a month later, I still do not have the headphones back, I have not had any contact from anyone from V-MODA, nor do I have any idea where the headphones are or how long it will take to get my junk ones back.

Moral of my story and rant? Don’t purchase headphones from V-MODA. They have proved that they have no idea what customer service is, nor how to make a quality product. If you are sending something that is broken then the company should ask for it back to see what happen and send you a brand new pair and be don’t with it. Not ask to fix the broken overpriced headphones. One month later and I am still without headphones. Worst customer service I have ever received and worst product. I applaud you for you lack of communication and care to your customers.

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