Vanacci Carbon EVO Wallet Review & Unboxing

Carbon is becoming a popular trend with products. But the Carbon Evo Wallet in Gt Leather takes it to a whole new level. Vanacci has taken carbon to a far more superior successor to the Carbon range than ever thought possible.

Vanacci Engineering

The Vanacci is engineered to have the best quality and style. Under all the leather and carbon is a precision-engineered laser sintered skeleton. This skeleton is made with polyamide structure of two plates, one 316 stainless steel, one 6061 aluminum. The stainless steel backbone gives unrivalled rigidity over previous incarnations of carbon while the aluminum front plate provides a durable sternum of RFID blocking protection for the vital card information held within (obviously important to have nowadays).

The steel is then polished to provide years of shine. On top of the steel comes the Carbon Evolution. The entire wallet is then wrapped in GT style carbon leather. What is super cool is this is the same carbon fiber weave you’d find in the cockpit of Formula One cars. Now you may say to yourself, well there are other wallets that have leather and carbon so what makes this one better? Well besides the solid skeleton structure, this walled is also supercharged leather that 200% more abrasion resistant than the highest quality leather on the market, so it will look great for years to come. So through all that wear-and-tear you wallet goes through day in and day out, this wallet will remain strong!

Carbon Evo Wallet Quality

Now that you have a pretty good idea what the case is made of and how it’s made, you can get a better feeling that this case is made to last. It’s a strong case that can take a beating and still look good all while having the power of RFID to protect your credit cards. What is nice is there are 9 different styles of this case that you can pick through, each as stylish as the last!

The only thing that I wish was different was if it could hold more than 3 credit cards. Because I have about 8 different  cards in my wallet with credit cards and ID’s, It can be difficult to have them all in here. On the side of the wallet there is a heavy duty elastic strap for cash, extra cards and other items.

Key Features

  • Handmade in Yorkshire, UK
  • RFID blocking
  • Scratch resistant stainless steel
  • 200% more abrasion resistant than the highest quality leather
  • Intuitive card ejector
  • Stores 3 cards internally and up to 5 more in the rear strap
  • Polished stainless steel backbone
  • Heavy duty elastic strap for cash, extra cards and other items
  • Lightweight at just 85 grams (3 Oz)
  • Slim Minimalist style
  • Water Resistant

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think that this wallet is by far one of the most stylish ones I have seen. By just looking at the product development you can see that there is care and precision put into this. It is made with quality products that are made to last and look good. I personally use it every day and there has yet to be a single scratch and it still looks brand new! Check out the wallet here!

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