Vesel Cases

Luxury case designed for people with sense of perfection. Vesel case is world slimest iPhone case made from combining aluminium and wood. Vesel case is also very light so there almost can’t be noticed any additional weight. All parts of case are milled and turned on modern and very high precision CNC machines from single blocks and bars of materials what means that there can only be find high quality with extreme precision most of parts is from 7075 aluminium and high quality wood, result is luxurious and slim feeling. Effortless look is result by carefully chosen wood and color pigments that makes case really unique. Detail care is proofed with fine bushed oil finished wood and aluminium buttons which works perfectly.

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals are made in Austria where quality can only be the best. With carefully chosen size and position of Swarovski crystals we achieve luxury exquisitely design which beauty speak for himself. Every Swarovski crystal is placed in CNC machine milled position so every Swarovski crystal gets precise position more stability and increased lifetime.

Finish of Wood

Side part of wood start with carefully chosen solid pieces of wood and than get precisely CNC machined with 5 axis CNC machine what purpose is that 90% of side part is made with this technology including button holes, what allowing us to create button click experience so good that can’t be found in any other case in the market. After machining on wood is applied natural oil based lacquer what gives wood more joyful color pigments and durability. Before pieces are assembled wood is finished with exquisitely high hand crafted quality what is the only way to create seamless joints and represent perfection.

Finish of Aluminum

Top and bottom aluminum parts are sandblasted with glass ceramic beads what is edge technology of sandblasting after that parts goes across electrical polishing technology which whit combining with sandblasting gets shiny mate and deep color finish and after that all comes to anodizing where carefully chosen color pigments are applied and aluminum surface gets durability and hardness almost high as diamonds.

Case is guaranteed 100% without signal loss.

Case is compatible only with original iPhone accessories

Package including: 1 iPhone case, screwdriver, serial number plate, microfiber cleaning cloth, 2 screws, 3 Swarovski crystals

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