WipLabs iDockAll

To start this dock is extremely well built. It’s made of really sturdy material that will be pretty much impossible to break. The color I have is the Aluminum Grey which goes great with my iPhone. The one thing that I would say is the biggest down side is there is no back on the dock. When you put your phone in the charger it’s holding its self-up, so if you hit your phone at all then it’s going to either bend your charging cable or its going to knock the phone off the dock.

You have to remember thought this dock does NOT support the use of any docks or the new iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 plus. There way to big and they wouldn’t be supported by the dock. For me I wasn’t a big fan of this. If the dock had a back to it so I now my phone was protected from falling or getting knocked out then I would rate this higher. As of now we rate this 3 out of 5 stars.


Front width 2.72 inch (69mm)

Back width 2.12 inch (54mm)

Length 3.52 inch (89mm)

Height 1.15 inch (20mm)

Weight  8.4 ounces (240 grams)

Works with the 30pin and the lightning connectors


Aluminum grey

Matte Black

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