XPUMP Turns Your Home Into A Home Theater

In this growing digital age our media has become increasingly important and continues to improve in quality with visual techniques like animations and CGI.  However, to fully experience the depth of the audio being broadcasted to you, extra gadgets and hook-ups are required, such as surround sound systems, sound bars and new, innovative headphones.  Most speakers broadcast sound in the traditional right and left fashion, mixing the audio by the time it reaches your ears to produce a flat resonance that only varies in volume, lacking depth.  Sometimes a sound far away in the movie simply sounds quieter, rather than actually sounding far away, or even in video games footsteps can sound flat like the audio is being thrown at you, rather than sounding like someone is creeping up behind you, ready to take you off guard.

How XPUMP Works

With the XPUMP that same audio coming out of the same speakers or headphones is enhanced to improve depth, quality and detail.  Using a digital signal processing algorithm, this device boosts the width and depth of any audio in real time.  XPUMP magnifies the stereo sound field and automatically adjusts the detail, depth and width to minimize the overlap signal from the right and left speakers, so that when an explosion happens in the background it sounds like an explosion, rather than booming static coming from your television screen.  The XROUND algorithm processes at a speed of 55.3 MHz, so it constantly readjusts the sound as it happens to provide an immersive, 3D audio experience that will make you feel like you’re a part of the story or listening to your favorite band perform right in front of you.

The XROUND algorithm was created by Embrace Audio Lab who is a team of digital signal processing audio experts, designers and audiophiles that specialize in acoustics, firmware, and hardware design.  Their mission is to “redefine the audio industry and universally improve the listening experience,” and they just may have a good start with the XPUMP.

The most convenient thing about the XPUMP has got to be its size. The device is about the size of a stick of gum and has an auxiliary port that will fit any speaker or headphone plug in.  It also features a micro USB port for easy charging, a cord that has become a regular household item in the past few years.

The digital signal processing features include:

  • Spherical sound field enhancement
  • High quality sound stage
  • Real time detail boosting
  • Dynamic EQ
  • Psychoacoustic bass enhancement

Find XPUMP On Kickstarter

The XPUMP is estimated to be priced around $69, which is far cheaper than any surround sound system or sound bar.  In gaming and cinematic experiences it will create a 3D sound to boost individual element details, such as footsteps, voices, explosions and whispers, and for music it will enhance drum beats and individual instruments to create a listening experience that sounds like you are on the concert stage!

With all the hook-ups and extra sound hardware that comes along with owning a T.V. today, the XPUMP seems to an affordable, simple and portable solution to boosting your sound system.  Plug it into your T.V. and watch some Netflix, then when you go out to walk your dog, unplug it and plug in your headphones to keep the enhanced sound quality going!

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