ZeroLemon Lightning to USB Plastic PVC Cable 3.2 Feet

If you are a frequent reader of my site you know that one of my biggest problems of buying a charging cable that’s not from Apple is if it is MFI certified or not. If it’s not then you will always get an error pop up on your phone saying that this charger does not support your phone. But, if your phone is MFI certified then you will never have to worry about this error popping up.


Luckily the ZeroLemon is an Apple MFi certified lightning to USB plastic PVC cable. It is 3.2 Feet long with an aluminum casing. And the best part is this charging cable comes with a 2 Year Warranty! Personally I like this cable a lot more than the cables that come from apple because it seems like it is made from better material. The cord is thicker and the caps are stronger. So if you are constantly bending the cord it will be hard to ruin the wires.


  • Durable Plastic PVC Lightning Cable @ 3.2 Feet / 1 Meter
  • Charges the iPhone, iPod, iPad with lightning connector through your Computer or USB connector.
  • 100% Compatibility. Return for new one if you find any compatibility issue with your cable at any time.
  • Compatible with: iPhone 5, 5S, 5C / iPad 4th Gen / iPad Air / iPad Mini, Retina / iPod Touch 5th Gen / iPod Nano 7th Gen.
  • As always, all ZeroLemon Products come with a Zero Defect Guarantee, 2 Years Warranty and peace of mind.

Final Thoughts:

Like I said before, I like this charging cable a lot more than I like the ones that come from Apple. It is made with a better material and seems like it can take some wear-and-tear before having to replace it. Each cap at the end is made with an aluminum casing so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart either. The best part is this cable is cheap and is completely worth the price! I would give this 5 stars and highly recommend this!

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