Zerolemon Zeroshock iphone battery case review

If there is one tying I hate about the iPhone it is how small the battery is. And if you use your phone as much as I do you mind as well just have an external charger on your 24/7. Because of this I am always looking for a solid battery case so I can save myself the pain of having to carry around extra batteries.

ZeroShock Case

This ZeroLemon ZeroShock External Protective case is really attractive. It comes in an all-black or all white both with a silver aluminum shield back plate. This case did do a good job compacting the size, but it does still make your phone pretty thick and large.

What I like a lot about this case is how it offers a lot of protection and if I ever dropped my phone I would never have to worry about my phone being affected.  It is a thick case that feels good in your hand and isn’t slippery.

What I like the most about this case is how much battery this is compacted into this. Because the battery in this case is much bigger (3500mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery) than the one in the actual iPhone, you can charge your phone more than once from dead, which is awesome! I usually charged this overnight and this would be done by the time I was up. Then I wouldn’t have to plug my phone in at any time of the day because I had this case.

ZeroShock Negatives

While there were a few things I really liked about this case, there were also a lot of negatives I found. One thing that bothered me is that the case is so thick it is hard to press the power button and the volume control. Unless you have longer nails it was extremity difficult to turn your sound on and off. While I do want a case that is protective, I still want a case that I can actual use and still operate the buttons.

I also don’t like how I have to have an extension so that I can use the headphone jack. The case adds on a lot of extra material at the end of the case so the only way to really get the 3.5mm head jack is to use the extension that comes with the case.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this case was a beast when it came to needing extra battery, but because of the negatives I pointed out, this isn’t something that I would want to use every day. Because the case becomes so thick and makes it hard to use the exterior buttons, it isn’t something that I would use daily.

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