You saw the title! Most Bluetooth speakers! The one thing that I love to review more than anything are Bluetooth speakers! This specific beast of a speaker is the Zoook ZB ROCKER ARMOR XL. And when I say armor… boy do I mean armor! This speaker is the newest addition to the Zoook family. You may have searched for this on the web and their website and noticed that you were unable to find it. Well this beast was just released and will be hitting the shelves soon!

So let’s dive right into this. If you keep up without reviews then you know that my other passion besides being a tech nerd is working out. Now I know what you’re thinking… How does that have anything to do with the new Zoook speaker? Well it has everything to do with it! When I don’t have time to go to the gym I jog down to my basement and use my home gym. Here is where I usually put my favorite Bluetooth speaker, but the problem is; not every Bluetooth speaker has a touch exterior. I can count at least 4 speakers that I have broken down there from hitting them on accident with weights, or falling off the table.

So I’m a technology nerd who loves to work out with a Bluetooth speaker, so what? Well what makes this speaker so special is that it is made with military grade durable material. This speaker is by far one of the most powerful and durable speakers in its class! The outer exterior of this speaker is actually really impressive. It is so touch that I guarantee I can through this off the top of my house and it will continue to work. Which gets me thinking… There will be a video soon of me doing that… This is the new speaker that I keep in my home gym and it has been there for a couple weeks and has been hit off the table multiple times and has yet to affect the performance or sound!

Aside from the amazing protection that the Zoook ZB ROCKER ARMOR XL offers, it also has some amazing sound. This speaker is power packed with the ultimate sound drivers to give you the ultimate music experience. This is packed with a 30W speaker that is built to endure and prepared for anything you can throw at it. With such a power speaker get ready for some deep thumping base.

Overall, this was hands down one of the most solid Bluetooth speakers I have tested. If you are looking for something that can take a beating then this is the one you need to get! It’s solid and is made using military grade material so you know it will last! Also, the sound is great. You turn this baby up all the way and you will be vibrating some tables!

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