Normally I’m not a huge fan of wired earphones because I can’t stand the clutter of wires. They always end up getting tangled no matter where you put them and it just drives me nuts. So when I went to test the Zoook ZM-ROCKER RDX I1 earphones I came in thinking I was going to hate them because they were wired.

What makes the ZM-ROCKER RDX I1 different than other earphones I have tested in the past is the use of magnets. At the top of the earphones there are magnets so that they will clip into each other. This tries to help eliminate the problem of tangling. It is also helpful because they are used to clip around your neck. Now every pair of headphones are light weight, that’s a given, but these ones are a unique design that is lightweight so they are ideal for sports and active lifestyles. The headphones design is so they can comfortably wrap-around your neck and securely stay in place, so you can run, jump, and train harder.

As like any earphones these also come with interchangeable Hybrid Silicone Rubber Ear Buds so that they can fit into any ones ears comfortably. They have an extremely powerful bass duct for bass-driven stereo sound that delivers high passive attenuation of ambient noise. They also have a built in remote so you can change songs, volume, and take calls.

I found the right silicon mold for my ear and they were snug. Just the way I liked them! They were comfortable and no matter how much I moved my head they wouldn’t fall out. Better than that the sound was amazing. The base was strong and no matter what time of music I was playing it stayed clear and had great ambient noise.

I tried these when I was working out to see if they would really be as comfortable as they say they are. I ran the wire up my back and had the earphones come around my neck. This is usually what I will always do so that the cord will stay out of my way and have less chance getting caught on something. What I really liked was that the headphones could magnet together. When I take them off to talk to someone it was nice that they were still around my neck and wouldn’t fall because they were together.

Overall, I thought that these Zoook earphones were extremely comfortable and delivered great sound just like the description promised. Although, I didn’t like the cord, I like the fact that I can keep the two earphones together when you are using the magnet, but I still can’t stand the magnet. The cord is just a personal preference though, it don’t not mean that the earphones are of poor quality, I just prefer ones that are wireless.

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